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Our initiatives

To become a company that grows whilst bequeathing a legacy of technologies and originality to the next generation
Junichi Funatsu, Engineering Division

I am engaged in daily production technology operations that require me to collaborate with my colleagues in other divisions and with personnel working for associated manufacturers.

Our primary focus is on setting up equipment and systems for creating photomasks that offer greater definition and precision, and on development work to fulfill client requirements.
In particular, I seek to provide technical guidance to new personnel without being limited by the nature of interdivisional relationships within the company.
I do this in order to pass on what I have learned, thus far, to the next generation, thereby increasing the number of persons with ingenuity. My motivation for this work is a desire to have all of our employees develop through taking on and successfully overcoming various challenges, coupled with my belief that this will give rise to proprietary technologies that will precisely meet our clients’ expectations, going forward.

Collaborating in line with a conviction that clients represent the next step
Yasunaga Nakajima, Production Division

As a member of the Production Group, I am involved in operations ranging from generation of photomask drawings through shipment of photomasks.
We believe that meeting the needs of clients requires us to adopt and maintain a quality-first approach and we are striving to ensure client satisfaction with respect to delivery times.
In line with our conviction that clients represent the next step, we are endeavoring to shrink lead times within processes and to enable the workloads imposed by processes to be evenly dispersed.
I also work to provide products that go beyond minimally satisfying the requests of clients through collaborative efforts with the Sales Division and the Engineering Division.

Conveying the enthusiasm of our clients as enthusiasm on the part of our company
Takaya Toda, Sales Division

I am in charge of sales and I visit different places nationwide, harnessing my inherent capacity to do the legwork necessary to be successful.
I strive to promptly and enthusiastically respond to issues affecting my clients.
I seek to faithfully pass along client requests concerning products to those in charge of production processes and other sections within the company with the same degree of engagement as those of my clients.
I believe that the act of precisely conveying client requests in this manner is the most important key to providing better products.
It is our desire to have our photomask products and technologies help our clients as much as possible, as elements of what makes our clients worth serving. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Aiming to cultivate human resources with the capacity to think
Masami Ōkawa, Administration Division

I work in the Administration Division and am involved in cultivating human resources, among other functions.
In educating new employees, our first task is to teach them to develop the habit of repeatedly asking, with respect to anything at all: Why?
We also engage in significant amounts of group work as team building exercises, through which employees become exposed to different ways of looking at, interpreting, and thinking about matters and thereby become capable of cultivating an awareness of things from multiple perspectives.
Regarding employee education, we are provided with opportunities to learn new techniques and obtain new knowledge by proactively participating in external training programs and seminars according to their individual skills and career aspirations, and by being subject to rotation of duties on a regular basis. In these ways, I implement initiatives designed to develop personnel into valuable human resources.

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