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Hard coat

Mask type Chrome glass mask Emulsion glass mask Film mask
Specification Level mode A mode B mode C mode D mode A mode B mode A
Maximum size of material
10×10 12×12 28×32 28×32 28×32 28×32 28×32
Minimum LS(um) 1
Negotiable for less than 1 μm
Negotiable for less than 1 μm
4 6 10 20 30
Minimum line-width tolerance(um) ±0.1 ±0.2 ±0.5 ±1.0 ±1.0 ±2.0 ±4.0
Minimum line-width tolerance(3σum) 0.06 0.06 0.12
Overlay accuracy(3σum) 0.03 0.2 0.4
Substrate materials Synthetic quartz Synthetic quartz
Soda lime
Soda lime Soda lime Soda lime Soda lime PET
surface processing
Pellicle Pellicle Pellicle
Hard coat
Hard coat Hard coat Hard coat Laminate
Cost performance
Microstructure performance
Durability ◯*1 ◯*1

*1 Hard-coating can improve durability.

  • Different photomask sizes are available for each type.
  • Chrome masks are available in single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer chrome masks, as well as other types.
  • Can be provided according to the specifications of your masks.
    (Can also accommodate special sizes formed by glass cutting.)
    Feel free to contact us for more information.


Glass materials and properties Soda lime Synthetic quartz
Composition SiO2 72.5 100
Al2O3 2 -
B2O3 - -
RO 12 -
R2O 13.5 -
Thermal properties Thermal expansion coefficient
81 6
Transition point(℃) 562 -
Softening point(℃) 740 1600
Annealing point(℃) 554 1120
Strain point(℃)  511


Thermal conductivity(cal/cm・sec・℃) 2.4X10-3 3.3X10-3
Specific heat(cal/g・℃)at70℃ 0.22 0.19
Thermal shock resistance(4℃) 85 1000 or more
Optical properties Transmittance(%)    
 at400nm(2.3t) 90 92
 at500nm(2.3t) 90.5 92.5
Refractive index(%) 1.52 1.46
Chemical properties Water resistance(mg/cm2) 0.016 0.001
Acid resistance(mg/cm2) 0.002 0.000
Alkali resistance(mg/cm2) 0.042 0.032
Contact angle (degrees) 6.7 -
Mechanical properties Specific gravity 2.49 2.20
Young’s modulus(kg/mm2) 7.300 7.340
Modulus of rigidity(kg/mm2) 3.020 3.160
Poisson’s ratio 0.21 0.16
Knoop hardness(kg/mm2) 540 650
Flexural strength(kg/mm 2:100x20X3mm) 670 740
Electrical properties Volume resistivity Log10(Ω・cm)    
 at150℃ 8.8 -
 at200℃ 7.7 12.5
 at300℃ 5.9 10.5
Dielectric constant at1MHz・R・T 7.5 4.0

Pellicle specication

Light transmittance Anti-reflection coating enables stable light transmittance at multiple angles.
Strength Foreign particles can be securely removed with an air blower.
Available size Can accommodate various sizes (up to 350 mm x 350 mm).
Feel free to contact us for more details.
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Photomask washing

  Chrome mask Emulsion mask
Washing method SPM, APM washing
Megasonic washing
Scrub washing
Available size 5~25in(t=3~5mm) 5~32in(t=3~5mm)

※All cleaning methods are based on the use of purified water.

  • If problems attributed to the cleaning of masks that have been used arise, we can also engage in only the cleaning of masks. Feel free to contact us for more details.
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Glass processing

Specifications Scope(X,Y,Z) 1050mm×550mm×550mm
Precision ±0.05 mm tolerance per 500 mm
Resolution 0.001mm

Processing results
(Plate 5.00 mm)
Boring φ0.5mm~
Pocket φ1.0mm~
Grooving 1.0mm~

  • Contact us for more information on various configurations, including with respect to spot facing and grooving work.
  • We perform screw processing to facilitate the attachment of components and assembly functions and for various other purposes.
  • Feel free to contact us for more information on processing materials (blue-plate, quartz, heat-resistant glass, and more).

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