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Hard coat

Our hard coat offers superior release performance, significantly reduces the adhesion of resists during exposure to light, and can enable the cleaning of a mask in a wet environment.


Hard-coat processed


    Protects the membrane (emulsion/chrome)
  • Superior stain resistance
  • Easy handling (cleaning)
  • Improved fine-pattern resolution

Hard coat specifications

Item Specifications Comment
Resin used Silicone resin Proprietary
Coatig thickness 2-3 μm (in-plane distribution ± 0.5 μm) Surface roughness tester
Coating hardness Pencil lead hardness 3H or greater JIS-K 5400 pencil lead hardness testing
Light transmittance 94% or greater corresponding to 365 nm wavelength
(relative to glass base material)
Resistance to UV exposure No decrease in transmittance at exposures up to 7200 J/cm2 UV exposure testing
Adhesion Grid peel 100/100 Cellophane peeling
Water resistance No change to coating 5 min. immersion in purified water
Solvent resistance Ethanol / IPA > 100 times (smeared))
MEK / acetone > 100 times (smeared)
Rubbing test at 1 kg/cm2
Chemical resistance Alkali-proof: 5% NaOH aqueous solution; acid-proof: 5% HCL
aqueous solution
No change in either situation
1-hour spot testing
Release performance 1.1 N/cm (peeling speed 300 mm/min) 180° cellophane peeling
Corresponding size 4×4 - 28×32 (unit: inch)  
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