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Integrated environmental quality management(ISO14001 and ISO9001)

System Advance has been taking an integrated approach to developing an environmental management system for proactively engaging in environmentally friendly global conservation efforts and a quality management system for the purpose of raising the levels of client satisfaction.

Name of business location Each Technical Center (excluding Niiza Design Center)
Assessment standards ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015
Certifying body UKAS
Examination body SGS Japan



Environmental quality policy

We endeavor to adhere to a course of action based on client-first principles through the provision of photo masks for semiconductors and other electronic components and aim to further increase both client satisfaction and our reliability through unique corporate activities that reflect our substantial raison and extensive creativity.

We consider comprehensive quality to consist not only of quality in the narrow sense as demanded by clients but also of quality that takes into account delivery times, prices, service, and the environment. Rather than be satisfied with current levels of quality and the environment, we provide optimal products through a process of ongoing improvements. The sharing of prosperity with clients and other business connections will be achieved by always remembering what it means to experience pride and joy in one’s work and enhancing comprehensive quality rather than by merely engaging in the pursuit of profit. By taking this approach, we will help raise standards of living for our employees and contribute to the development of local communities and the global community at the same time.

As residential areas have become denser in recent years, homes have also begun to encroach upon our own surroundings. With this in mind, we hope to become a company that is friendlier to both the environment and people.

We believe that we should be committed to precisely ascertaining our impact on the environment and engaging in actions through a process that takes the global environment into account.

Basic policy

1. We shall precisely ascertain the impact of our business activities on the environment and continue to engage in actions of prevention and completion in order to help conserve the global environment to the extent that these actions are technically and economically feasible.

2. We will comply with any laws, regulations, and agreements relating to the environment to which we are subject and then enact and comply with our own standards as they concern necessary matters.

3. We will educate and enlighten our employees and all others who work for us on matters relating to the environment, deepen their understanding of environmental problems and quality matters, and encourage their participation in proactive quality-improvement and environmental-conservation activities.

4. As part of this policy, we will disseminate the contents hereof to our employees and all others who work for us and proactively disclose information on environmental conservation activities that can be publicly disclosed. We will also endeavor to engage in sufficient communications with local communities and stakeholders.

5. We will set goals and objectives for activities based on this policy and conduct periodic reviews and assessments to maintain suitability.

Green procurement

We shall endeavor to proactively engage in initiatives relating to green procurement and reinforce levels of environmental activities in order to fulfill important responsibilities of a company in the context of environmental activities undertaken to help conserve the global environment.

With respect to components and materials
For the procurement of components and materials, we shall set our own standards for business activities and goods based on two points: the state of the establishment of an environmental-management system by the vendor and the operational results to be attained as an outcome of the operations of such a system (compliance with laws and regulations and the management of substances that have an environmental impact).

With respect to purchased products
We will set our own standards in terms of whether products are environmentally friendly and purchase products that satisfy these standards on a preferred basis.

Environmental-protection activities

We are participating in environmental-protection activities through the Saitama Greenery Trust for the benefit of future generations.