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As interest in corporate social responsibilities (CSR) rise, we are engaged in CSR activities in order to satisfy all of our stakeholders. We will fortify our connections to our business partners and endeavor to expand our CSR activities.

Human rights and ethics

We endorse the following policy for all employees and society as a whole and aim to remain a company that does not engage in conduct unbecoming of a public institution operating in society.

Regarding human rights

  • ・Autonomy of employment
    We shall refrain from having our employees engage in forced labor, and employees shall regard voluntary and independent labor as a fundamental right.

  • ・Prohibition against child labor
    We shall refrain from utilizing labor provided by children (persons under the minimum working age as prescribed by law) and from having employees under the age of eighteen years engage in hazardous duties.

  • ・Compliance with the law as it governs working hours
    We shall appropriately manage the holidays, leaves, and working hours of employees in accordance with the law.

  • ・Compliance with wage-related laws
    We shall help employees maintain their standard of living by complying with wage-related laws, including provisions as they apply to minimum wage, statutory benefits, overtime, and wage deductions.

  • ・Prohibition against inhumane treatment
    We shall eliminate all psychological and physical harassment of employees and refrain from engaging in the inhumane treatment of employees.

  • ・Equality of opportunity and a prohibition against discrimination
    We shall provide opportunities to work without regard as to nationality, sex, age, or disabilities.

  • ・Freedom of association
    We shall value communications with employees, build a smooth labor-management relationship, and respect the right of employees to freely associate with others in accordance with the law.

Regarding ethics

  • ・Maintaining the integrity of business
    We shall strictly prohibit all acts of corruption, bribery, embezzlement, and extortion and will firmly address such acts as they arise. All relationships with antisocial forces will be prohibited.

  • ・Preventing corruption
    We shall refrain from giving gifts, entertainment, or money to and from receiving gifts, entertainment, or money from business partners and shall not seek illicit gains.

  • ・Disclosing information
    We aim to build trust by endeavoring to publicly disclose information on the details of our business as much as possible and deepening mutual understanding with people in the environment in which we operate.

  • ・Protecting intellectual property rights
    Intellectual property rights owned by or belonging to the company shall be protected. Intellectual property shall not be improperly obtained.

  • ・Maintaining an equitable business
    We shall refrain from engaging in or becoming involved in rigged bids, cartels, improper conduct perpetrated against corporate partners and competitors, fictitious transactions, and insider training.
  • ・Protecting individuals
    Reports received from business partners and employees shall be protected without being leaked to concerned parties.

  • ・•Proper export management
    We shall refrain from engaging in conduct that violates laws at the time of the importing or exporting of goods and shall establish and maintain a system of monitoring.
Labor and safety

We regard the securing of the health and safety of all employees working for us as a foundation for our business and shall engage in activities to secure a workplace environment where employees can safely work in comfort.

Regarding labor and safety

  • ・Safety of the workplace: predicting and preventing risks
    We shall strive to maintain and improve a workplace environment through which 5S(Sorting, Settingin Order, Shining, Standardizing & Sustaining)activities underpin operations and shall proactively seek to predict risk factors found in the workplace environment and work and to engage in accident-prevention activities.

  • ・Preparing for emergency disasters
    As the safety of our employees and their families is our number one priority, we are always on a disaster footing with a plan for responding to emergency disasters in order to enable a rapid resumption and continuation of our business operations in such circumstances. We will also proceed with the provision of aid and assistance to adjacent areas and other stakeholders.

  • ・Labor accidents: zero
    Preventive actions to ensure zero labor accidents shall be undertaken in all of our business operations, and priority actions for the prevention of the following disasters shall be carried out: fire, disaster due to a flaw in the handling of products, disaster due to a flaw in the handling of chemicals, disaster due to inadequacies in the handling or maintenance of mechanical equipment.

  • ・Ongoing industrial health initiatives
    We shall comply with laws relating to health and safety and carry out continuous improvements with the aim of ensuring an optimal labor environment, work methods, and workloads pursuant to internal regulations governing the health and safety of labor.

  • ・Physical labor initiatives
    Where an environment for facilitating excessive and improper physical labor exists, we shall endeavor to ameliorate the situation and eliminate such labor by proactively engaging in the automation of our operations.

  • ・Establishing a framework
    In order to ensure the success of health and safety activities, we shall set forth health and safety targets according to this policy and establish and maintain a framework for drafting and carrying out implementation plans, checking the results of implementation, and conducting regular reviews. Health and safety activities shall also be operated on an integrated basis with a framework for operational management.

  • ・Voluntary participatory actions
    This policy shall be disseminated to all employees working for the company (regular and non-regular employees). We shall provide education and training on health and safety matters to all employees, endeavor to raise the levels of understanding and an awareness of health and safety matters, and enable all employees to contribute to autonomous health and safety activities.

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