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A word from our CEO

We have built up an impressive history as a technical entity since our founding. Our management philosophy is defined by promotion of leading-edge innovation and a commitment to making social contributions in the field of engineering. Each day, we aim to grow through diligence and inspiration.

Over the more than three decades since our founding, we have sought to enhance internal communications in order to provide better products to our customers and with a view to ultimately being known as a highly valued company operating in an era characterized by kaleidoscopic change. We strive to engage in management activities premised on working together with customers for mutual harmony and benefit, and to provide products capable of conveying the aspirations of our employees. Accordingly, we aim to remain a company that prioritizes, above all else, the building of connections among people and between companies as a way of providing our customers with solutions in the form of living, breathing technology.

In order to operate as a company that can continue to make significant advances, we have all sought, ever since I took over from my predecessor in October 2012, to wholeheartedly address a wide range of matters in order to be able to provide products that deliver added value imbued with our gratitude to companies that have remained loyal customers for many years, and to treat our valued encounters with companies that have more recently begun to engage in business with us as seeds for the promotion of mutual growth.

System Advance is a company that still has significant scope for future growth. Inspired by our customers, we will strive daily to exhaustively provide our customers with the technological strengths and knowledge pool that we have built up to date. Operating with an expansive outlook, we will never stop reaching for the sky. We look forward to remaining your faithful business partner for many years to come.

Taichi Ueno, CEO System Advance Co., Ltd.

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